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About Me

Hi All

My name is Miss Little Book Addict, welcome to my House Of Books.  Here's a little bit about me. I am a wife and mother of 4 whom when I have free time loves to read. I had a bit of a book sobriety for a few years until I relapsed lol. I decided to build the House of Books in 2013 after a trip to the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City.  I was being asked so many times there if I was an inspiring author lol. My reply was nope just a reader, I  would love to write someday but right now I do not have the patience or time to write. I use to write fan fiction when I was a teen. Moving forward  I decided to start a blog instead since I would always rave to my friends about a book i'm currently or finished reading. So here we are with the House of Books. 

I am still learning this blogger biz or in the Culinary world as we describe someone who is a beginner I am still a little "green" lol. When I review a book I don't like to get long winded or dissect a story or plot. I know we all have other things to do then to read an entire novel or me psychoanalyzing a book, But hey more power to those that do. That's just not my style. I only highlight what I liked, my favorite characters whether the book was emotional, steamy or funny etc. I am always honest and upfront with my reviews. If I run into a book that I did not like I tend to omit my review and just leave a star rating(That will change in time) on Goodreads.  But really my objective is to introduce you all to new authors and books.  I want the facebook House of Books to be a discussion place for all readers, authors and bloggers to share your love for reading. 

That's basically all there is to me. Feel free to drop me a line or to say hey, or suggestions princessstar024 at (gmail) (dot) com.

Until then,

Behave yourselves and Read On!!!

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