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Thursday, May 29, 2014

DynoMoon Review Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Hey Addicts! It's DynoMoon---I'm here again with another YA review for you
 Their love was meant to be. When Megan Rosenberg moves to Ireland, everything in her life seems to fall into place. After growing up in America, she's surprised to find herself feeling at home in her new school. She connects with a group of friends, and she is instantly drawn to darkly handsome Adam DeRÍs.

But Megan is about to discover that her feelings for Adam are tied to a fate that was sealed long ago—and that the passion and power that brought them together could be their ultimate destruction.

This was a book I picked up back in mid2012 and as you can tell from above it's a YA Paranormal.

Carrier of the Mark had a fantastic beginning! It sucked me in right from the first chapter and kept me entertained during the flight I was on at the time. However, I couldn't help noticing a few similarities to Twilight. Thought I do not have nearly as big a problem/reaction to it as many others have. Carrier of the Mark is a much more developed and in many ways, more original that Twilight! A BIG REASON FOR THAT IS THE HEROINE! Megan was definitely put in several Bella-esq situations, but the thing I like so much better about Megan is that Megan was A STRONG but still gentle main girl.

Yes you can compare Adam Deris and his family to Edward's but again, it didn't bother me, because it worked! And come on, lets be real here, there were a lot of books before Twilight that many could say Twilight took from! I think it's time to give it a rest and take a step back and see this book for what it is: A YA paranormal.

I digress......... Megan- why I like her so much, she's not the pushover, weak, rely on others type character that Bella was (though I may be a bit harsh there because I liked book Bella but Kristen Steward ruined her for me!) AND MEGAN has some crazy cool kick-ass-don't-mess-with-me-I'll-destroy-you powers that make her crazy powerful, but she doesn't let this power or her "destiny" go to her head. And Adam--way hotter and far more swoon worthy than Edward, was way stronger in the character development department. In fact, all the characters were. (Even though Adam did run into a door way when he sees Megan for the first time :D so cute-ly funny) And there was no wishy-washy with Adam once he settled on Megan! I love that kind of dedication/devotion/loyalty. And Megan had it for Adam too.

Though Leigh did make the Father--her only parent--way more absentee than I think she should've. I can only imagine how much more depth the story may have had if Megan had to deal with her father as well!
The depth of the story--that is where the rating falls for me. The plot was kinda obvious, as many YA's are, and it was too easy to predict what was coming next. Not that I didn't enjoy what happened, I did, but I saw it coming several yards away.

That said, this was a fun, interesting read that was well paced, had great descriptions that really pulled me into the character's worlds and let me connect with almost all the characters. And that's not something that happens often for me. The world building is very solid, I could only find 1 possible teeny tiny hole that could be considered looked over, but it is not something that's important to the book so..... There was also good tension between ALL the characters, not only with Megan and Adam, that amped up when it needed to and settled a bit when it wasn't needed. I'd also like to add--no love triangle!

The ending of this book left me perfectly itching for the next book, and I'm glad it's finally out. Over all this is a solid book, appropriate for a 13 year olds and up. I personally think this series is worth checking out.

Th whole reason I decided to do a review Carrier of the Mark now is because the second book was released earlier this year and I'm finally getting around to reading it. I'm hoping to be able to review it here soon! Here's a look at the cover of Carrier series Shadow of the Mark by Leigh Fallon
See you next time Addicts--until then enjoy reading!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

RT part 2 My favorite moments..

So instead of boring you all with fifty million post about the RT convention I figured I would simply post what my favorite moments were.

Let's start off with this beauty.

Me with E.L James at the giant book fair. She also made an appearance at Abbi Gilines private party later that evening. (I was too nervous to talk to her lol)

This lovely lady right here is Author L.H Nicole and you might have noticed that I had made several post back in feb/march about her debut series/book Legendary. This was a proud moment for me and her because this was her very first signing as an Author.

Up close and personal with Sylvia day. This was just her in an intimate setting talking about her book and things that inspire her. I loved this panel because she was so cool and down to earth. 

Me ready to party. I was getting ready to head out to the Saints and Sinners party hosted by Samhain publishing

Me and my Twin Christena(not really my twin lol) getting out sexy on with this fun panel The Ruby Slipper Burlesque Review. We learned about the history of Burlesque and also learned how to dance like a Burlesque dancer. Needless to say me and my twin are looking for classes like this back home(did you know this is also good exercise too)

Deborah and Kim Harrison pimping out their hats from our fun activity Hat's and Tatt's

This was a fun panel Ghosts in the Big Easy they had plenty of books and swag to give away if you answered the question correctly. 

Me saving he baby duckies at the Intergalactic Bar and Grill

This pic right here. I love this woman to death. Author H.p. Mallory. I swear we only see each other once a year but it always seem like we have not seen each other in a day. Love her to life. If you haven't check out any of her work please do.. She is awesome

Teen Day Party.
(L.H Nicole (Left), Christena(Center) Me (Right))
On of the many spots during the Pub Crawl 

Me, Dee(far right), Cathy(pink wig) and Kylee(Yellow Sunglasses)

And last but not least the sights of New Orleans. I had such a ball down there and I swear I have more photos but don't want to make this post 10 miles long. 

*Cover Reveal* Lustly By Jenn Foor


LILY ROSS was born to be a mother. Her three kids mean everything to her, and she strives to provide them with the best life. She thinks life is perfect, until she catches her husband red-handed in a hot affair with her next door neighbor. Coming to grips that her life is about to change, LILY realizes that she’s stuck, having no job or means to leave. She also knows that he’d never let her take the kids from him, without a fight, in which she’d just lose.

After meeting a very rich and elusive woman, Lily is introduced to a world she never thought she'd be a part of. Out of desperation, she does the unthinkable.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.


I attempted to shuffle around, to maybe wiggle out of my blindfold and restraints, just to be able to come to grips with what was happening to my senses. I was then caught off guard when a familiar voice filled the room from a distance. “Stay still, Lily. Accept what you’re feeling. Free your mind of what you think is happening, and grasp what you’re body is telling you instead.” Ms. Cybil wasn’t anywhere near me, which only made me more curious as to who was touching me. The idea of it being a complete stranger made it both frightening and exciting at the same time. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mended Blog Tour by Kim Karr



Always in control, Xander Wilde considered life on the road to be a perfect fit for him. But when disaster strikes on the Wilde Ones’ latest tour, fate intervenes…and a newly single Ivy Taylor, the only girl he has ever loved, steps back into his life.

After moving past her painful breakup with Xander years ago, Ivy was poised to become the next big name in pop music…when suddenly she withdrew from the limelight—the same day she announced her engagement to her controlling agent, Damon Wolf.

Xander knows he should keep his distance. But once they’re on the road, he can’t resist pursuing her for a second chance. Yet a jealous Damon can’t let her go—and he’s keeping dangerous secrets that could destroy them all. 

When the three of them come together, everything falls apart. But if Xander and Ivy can hold tight to the bond that connects them, they just might have a chance at reclaiming the powerful love they thought they had lost forever....

My Review

My Rating 

Mended revolves around Rivers brother Xander. You'll remember Xander from Connected and Torn now it's Xanders turn to tell his story and explain why he is the way he is towards love. Xander has only loved one woman Ivy Taylor after hearing about her engagement to Damon Wolf . Xander can't seem to stay away knowing he should. What he didn't expect was an opportunity to be closer to Ivy by Ivy joining him on the road. Can a second chance be what they both need to find love again or will Ivy's fiance break apart the bond that they still share...

This story is about a second chance at love. 
For me don't get me wrong I love River and Dahlia's story but Xander and Ivy's story is my favorite.  The intensity bewteen the two is off the charts hot. What I loved most is the scenes when they were 18 and you got a glimpse of  how much they both loved each other. The road to redemption for Xander is very rocky in the beginning but as Ivy starts to trust Xander and let her guard down things between the two starts to heat up*fans self*. You can't have a love story without some drama and Ivy's fiance Damon surely gives you that and then some. Perfect balance of swoon and drama that will keep you glued to your e-readers and will have you craving for more in the end. 

This is an awesome series that you don't want to miss out on. 

And because I want you to see what im talking about i'm going to drop an excerpt from Mended right....

Last night definitely didn’t go as planned—a visit to the ER, then sleeping in a chair
next to Zane all night on the bus because the steroids he was given freaked him out. It’s
noon and Amy and I are just arriving at the Pelican Hill Resort. Breathless was leaving
right after the show last night so Amy had already planned to ride with us and meet up
with them in Irvine. She invited me to some party being thrown by her band’s label that I
would have rather not gone to but Ellie, the tour manager, insisted we all go for the good
I’m exhausted and really need some sleep before dealing with the press and
tomorrow night’s show. The paparazzi have been everywhere—by the bus as we exited to
the waiting car in LA, outside the doctor’s office, at the gates of Zane’s father’s house,
and now they’re here in Irvine at the hotel.
To avoid the chaos awaiting us in the lobby, I call Ellie, who is already here, and ask
her to check me in and meet me at the pool bar with the key. Draping my arm around
Amy, we head that way. I’ve been here a few times so I know my way around. Cutting
through the grotto and over to the pool and cabanas, I steer Amy to the right and stop in
my tracks as all the air rushes from my lungs.

My body floods with adrenaline and my gut twists. I don’t even have to do a double
take because I’d know her anywhere. There’s no mistaking her. She’s just so beautiful—
the elegant planes of her face, those high cheekbones, red lipstick, her platinum blonde
hair shorter than it used to be tucked behind her ear, that face of an angel. She looks the
same. No, she looks better. Her skin glistens in the sun and my gaze automatically
follows the shape of her long legs. They look smooth and tan against her white bathing
suit. An ache forms in my chest as I think about running my fingers up them. She’s still
that eighteen-year-old girl I once knew but now she has the body of a woman—lean and
toned and full of curves. When she moves it’s so familiar it doesn’t seem like a day has
passed—and everything I ever felt for her, it’s all still inside me.
My pulse races at the mere sight of her. She’s lounging in the cushioned chair
reading a magazine just outside a cabana. My heart slams harder in my chest when she
sticks her earphones in her ears like she always used to do and it transports me back to
the last time I saw her do the very same thing. We’d skipped school and were at my
grandparents’ house—their pool. She was lying on the lounge chair listening to music
and singing along—her voice so full of soul. I’d moved to sit with her under the guise of
putting lotion of her back. She sat up and smiled that shy smile she didn’t need to have
when she was with me. I squeezed the tube into my hand and after rubbing them together
I slowly applied it to her back kneading my way up and down, touching every inch of her
that I could.
It brings me back to the here and now when she suddenly siits up and looks over at
me. Her eyes pin me in place. She looks at me as if she remembers me for who I was,
what we were, not what I did to her. With my chest pounding, memories of us keep
flashing through my mind. Fighting a smile, I wonder if she’s thinking the same thing—
remembering what we were, what we shared, how we loved.
She quickly breaks our connection when she averts her eyes over to the man handing
her a drink. I suck in a deep breath trying not to feel sick at the sight. He’s nearing fifty,
wearing a terrycloth robe. He’s about my height, dark brown hair, meticulously groomed
facial hair, and not exactly ripped but fit. He’s Damon Wolf, a man I’ve never actually
met but hate all the same. I’ve seen their picture on TV and in magazines. He’s her agent,
her fiancé, and I’m sure he’s the reason she’s not singing anymore. She looks up at him with that same forced smile she used to give people she just
wanted to appease and mouths “thank you.” I have a sudden urge to go over and deck
him when her gaze shifts back to mine and he pulls her chin back to look at him. I can
sense a discomfort between them. We could sense each other’s feelings even when we
weren’t near each other.
Amy’s hand slides down my face and I have to blink a few times before I can hear
what she’s saying. Glancing one last time at Ivy I see that she’s staring at me again. Then
suddenly her mouth forms a scowl and she flicks her attention toward him. Hooking her
arm around his neck, she pulls him down for a kiss and I think I might throw up.
“Are you okay?”
I nod. Not able to say a word.
“Isn’t that Ivy Taylor over there? The girl you used to date in high school?” Amy
asks. There’s an irritated tone to her voice I’m not used to hearing and it makes me
 “Yeah, it is,” is all I say. She’s not just a girl I used to date…she’s the only girl I
ever really loved. She’s also the girl whose heart I broke. Seeing her now brings back all
those feelings I blocked, ignored, tucked aside. So many times over the years I wanted to
go after her and tell her the truth—but I never did. Why I don’t know. Then one day it
was too late—she had gotten engaged.
Amy chatters on. “I think that’s Damon Wolf with her. We should go say hi.”
My body goes cold and my face blank at the thought. I straighten and just as I’m
about to say, “No fucking way,” my phone vibrates in my pocket. Squinting at the screen,
I see that it’s my brother. I look over to Amy and motion toward the bar. “Hey, this is
River. I need to take it. I’ll meet you over there in a minute.”
“That’s fine. We can catch up with them later. I’ll go order us a drink.” She smiles
and starts toward the bar.
Turning around to avoid staring at Ivy, I answer the phone. “It took you long enough
to call me back.”
“I was in a meeting and stepped out as soon as I could, so don’t start. What did the
doctor say about Zane?”
“He’s out for the rest of the tour and we’re fucked.” “You sure? You’re back in LA for almost two weeks after tomorrow night right?
Isn’t that enough time for him to heal?”
“Technically yes. But his old man wants him out. The doctor said that he couldn’t be
sure how long the blood that accumulated under his vocal cords had been there but
obviously last night, the amount of ruptured vessels was enough to cause his voice to
change. He advised at least two weeks of rest before another evaluation to see if surgery
is necessary. Zeak wants his son to take a longer period of time off. He’s just afraid that if
Zane keeps singing and it keeps happening, scar tissue will build up and cause his voice
to change forever.”
“Do you blame him?”
“No I don’t,” I tell River and I feel like shit that I have to put him in a position to do
what he didn’t want to do in the first place. But I also know that if I don’t, the band won’t
survive. If I have to cancel this tour—the Wilde Ones are done. So I ask, “Did you talk to
He sighs. “Yeah, I did. She’s cool with it, Xander. I’m just trying to figure it all out.”
“You know I’ll do whatever you need me to do, right?”
“Shit why can’t you just be an ass and make it easy for me to say no?”
“Because you have no idea what this means to me.”
“Actually I do, and that’s why I’m going to make it happen. But Xander, remember I
can’t play a twelve string.”
Laughter and relief take hold of me. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
“Right now I wouldn’t care if you only played the violin,” I joke.
He laughs and I add, “You’ll be here tonight?”
Now he sounds slightly annoyed. “I said I would. We might be a little late so don’t
get your panties in a wad.”
“That’s cool. Thanks for everything. Hey, one more thing.’
“Ivy Taylor’s here.”
“No way. Have you talked to her?”
“Fuck no. You know she won’t talk to me. And besides she’s with that asshole.”
“You should talk to her. Tell her the truth.” “What’s that going to do now? She’ll just think I’m lying.”
“You want me to talk to her? I can explain everything.”
“No. I don’t need my little brother to fight my battles. I’ll talk to her if I feel the time
is right. Do you hear me?”
“Whatever you say. Look, I have to run but I want to discuss this later. And
Xander…you don’t know he’s an asshole. Just because Dad said his name once doesn’t
mean shit.”
“Right. Okay, see you tonight,” I say and end the call. My head is spinning knowing
that after all these years I’m actually in the same place she is. I want to talk to her, tell her
everything but what would it matter now anyway. Glancing behind me, I catch another
glimpse of her with him that turns my stomach. He’s such a slime ball. Since his father
was hospitalized and he took over the business, he’s been scooping up labels, tearing
them apart, and rebuilding them with bands he thinks are better fits. My guess is he
picked up Jane’s label—that’s why he’s here. I heard they were having some financial
difficulty and he’s just the kind of bottom feeder that would want to capitalize on not
only being her agent but now also her producer. The sight of him touching Ivy makes my
skin crawl.
Damon Wolf—two of the last words my father ever spoke to me before killing
himself, and I never knew why. Of all the guys in the world Ivy had to end up with him—
why him? I look up and they’re gone. But I’m anything but relieved. Rubbing my chin,
I’m antsy, agitated, pissed as hell, but feel more alive than I have in years.

Now Mended will be released on June 3rd but if you haven't yet read the Connected series then start with the first book Connected. I promise you, you will be worth you while. 

About the Author
I live in Florida with my husband and four kids. I've always had a love for reading books and writing. Being an English major in college, I wanted to teach at the college level but that was not to be. I went on to receive an MBA and became a project manager until quitting to raise my family. I currently work part-time with my husband and full-time embracing one of my biggest passions—writing. 

I wear a lot of hats! Writer, book-lover, wife, soccer-mom, taxi driver, and the all around go-to person of the family. However, I always find time to read. One of my favorite family outings use to be taking my kids to the bookstore or the library. Today, my oldest child is in college and my twins are juniors so they no longer go with me on these outings. And although I don't need to go to the actual store anymore because I have the greatest device ever invented—a Kindle, I still do. There's nothing like a paperback. So now my four year old and I make dates out of going to the bookstore--it's time I love and cherish.

I like to believe in soulmates, kindred spirits, true friends, and Happily-Ever-Afters. I love to drink champagne, listen to music, and hopes to always stay young at heart. <3

Kim Karr FB Page
Author Page

Monday, May 26, 2014

YA Review: Also Known As and Going Rogue by Robin Benway

Hey Addicts! DynoMoon here, I'm back with another review of a YA Spy series!
Which is more dangerous: being an international spy... or surviving high school?

Maggie Silver has never minded her unusual life. Cracking safes for the world's premier spy organization and traveling the world with her insanely cool parents definitely beat high school and the accompanying cliques, bad lunches, and frustratingly simple locker combinations. (If it's three digits, why bother locking it at all?)

But when Maggie and her parents are sent to New York City for her first solo assignment, her world is transformed. Suddenly, she's attending a private school with hundreds of "mean girl" wannabes, trying to avoid the temptation to hack the school's elementary security system, and working to befriend the aggravatingly cute son of a potential national security threat... all while trying not to blow her cover.

From the hilarious and poignant author of Audrey, Wait! comes a fast-paced caper that proves that even the world's greatest spies don't have a mission plan for love.

Also Known As was a book I actually listened to on Audible. I know some people may think that listening to Audio books ruin the reading experience and make it harder to dig into the stories, but that's not the case for me. I thought the audio book was actually really good and a totally cute spy adventure.

But then why did I only give it three stars? There were several reasons why it isn't one of my favorites in the YA Spy genre. But I want to start with the good first.

#1 Roux- She's only a secondary character but I love her so much! She's quick witted, funny and totally in desperate need of a friend like Maggie--aka the main character Maggie.
#2 Angelo- He is what I imagine a child of James Bond would have been like if he and Q had a genetically created a baby.
#3 The Parents- They were believable, for both being spy/thief, and they weren't blind or stupid like a lot of parents are in YA novels.

You'll notice I didn't list the main character, Maggie, in my top 3 favorite parts.

Sadly that's because I just could connect with her as much as I wanted to and that was largely because of three reasons: one, her innate ability to crack locks as a baby--I think the author says "before she could stand or walk" at some point in the back story-  and two, because she had a wealth of characters/info available to her that would've helped her along on her "mission", but she never used them! It frustrated me at several points. And along that same line, my third biggest problem was  I felt that the action/adventure didn't quite live up to the hype. It was there, and what little there was, was good, but I wanted more.

Another reason that I held back on giving a higher rating was because there was a few times when Maggie's "mission" just didn't make sense or I felt that the scenes were just not complete or thought through all the way. To be fair there was only 2 parts where this happened for me, but for those parts I had to go back and re listen to those parts-- three times-- on my audio book. So most people may not have the issue I did. That's one of the reasons I like listening to books, because I think you catch things that you might not actually reading it.

The other thing that held me back was the love interest: Jesse. While I give mad props to our author, Robin, for not writing the wham-bam-insta romance that is so popular in YA, I just felt that the romantic element wasn't strong enough for me. I get it, you're trying to keep it light--success--but I would've like at least 1 good hold-your-breath-butterflies-in-your-stomach moment for Maggie and Jesse. I know this is possible because I've seen it done in several other YA spy books and series I've read. Maybe Robin wanted to do it that way, and that's fine, it just wasn't my particular cup of tea.

When I finished Also Known As I didn't think there'd be a second one, the author wrapped things up nice and neat and I REALLY LIKE THAT!
But there is a second one and it's called Going Rogue--and guess what-- I listened to that one on Audible too. :)
 Being permanently based in a local New York City high school as an undercover operative has its moments, good and bad, for 16-year-old safe cracker Maggie Silver. 

Pros: More quality time with her former mark-turned-boyfriend Jesse Oliver and insanely cool best friend, Roux. 
Getting to spend quality time with her semi-retired and international spy honorary uncle, Angelo. 

Cons: High school and the accompanying cliques, bad lunches, and frustratingly simple locker combinations. 

But when Maggie's parents are falsely accused of stealing priceless gold coins, Maggie uses her safe cracking skills to try and clear their names. 

Too bad it only serves to put her and everyone she loves in danger. Maggie and her "new team" flee to Paris where they must come up with a plan to defeat their former allies.

Going Rogue Nice thing about the author writing a second book, thus making this a series, is that one or a few of my complaints about the first book are handled! Go Robin, that is fantastic as an author. Another great plus Going Rogue is that Roux got a much larger part and she got a love interest! Again, I like Roux's romance much more than Maggie and Jesse's but I will totally admit, Maggie and Jesse's relationship got a bump up in intensity, but only just. Now to hit the things I liked about this second book

#1 the action--I complained above that I was slightly disappointed with the action and thrilling intrigue of Also Known As--well Going Rogue made up for that in a major way! The action was non stop almost from the start and the scenes in Paris, the apartment in New York, the Museum scene in the last part of the book! WOW. Talk about a fun thrill ride.
#2 the romance-- while I will say again Jesse's and Maggie's romance still left a tiny bit to be desired for me, it was much better and Roux---whoa---LOVED that she got a guy who gets her!
#3 Angelo-- same as above--> who wouldn't love this possible genetically created child of James Bond and Q?

But, Going Rogue did only get 4 stars from me and that's because, again, there were a few scenes that I felt weren't complete and at points unbelievable. I also haven't mentioned the parents in the good bit, unfortunately that's because they kinda let me down in this book. They were still believable as characters and parents, but some of the things they let happen, that they let Maggie do, and didn't make any real effort to step in and say "you are being really stupid trying do these things" or make a real effort to protect Maggie and her friends annoyed me.

Good news those two things are the only two really big things that set me back on this book. I could mention the bad guy--how I think Robin could've done more with him and the corrupt organization-- but it fit with the story well enough so it only gets a brief mention.

Now, with the ending of Going Rogue I KNOW it has been set up to be turned into a full fledged series and I am very excited about that possibility.

Also Known As was a good book, Going Rogue was better, so following that progression I am hoping for big things from the next book---if I am right and the publisher ordered more books in this series! I sure hope they did!

Enjoy your reading Addicts! See you next time

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Announcement From J.S Cooper

✰★✰Exciting Announcement✰★✰

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Ex Games and The Private Club, J. S. Cooper has a new sexy, suspenseful trilogy coming. The Swept Away series will be published by Simon & Schuster's, Gallery books, and the first book Illusion will be out on October 21st, 2014.

The day started like every other day...

Bianca London finds herself kidnapped and locked up in a van with a strange man. Ten hours later, they’re dumped on a deserted island. Bianca has no idea what’s going on and her attraction to this stranger is the only thing keeping her fear at bay.

Jakob Bradley wants only to figure out why they’ve been left on the island and how they can get off. But as the days go by, he can’t ignore his growing fascination with Bianca.

In order to survive, Bianca and Jakob must figure out how they’re connected, but as they grow closer, secrets are revealed that may destroy everything they thought they knew about each other.

Preorder Illusion here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JHIDO3G

Add Illusion to Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21927217-illusion?ac=1

Preorder Illusion on Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/illusion-js-cooper/1119128101?ean=9781476791036&itm=1&usri=9781476791036&r=1

Preorder Illusion on iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/illusion/id856185925?mt=11

Add Illusion to Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21927217-illusion?ac=1

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Recap of the 2014 Romantic Times Convention

Morning Addict's

Sorry I have been MIA for a minute and it has been for a good reason. I was in New Orleans attending the Romantic Times Convention.

Guy's let me tell you I need a vacation from my vacation lol. My week was jammed packed with pannels, networking and parties.

I arrived in New Orleans Last Tuesday and immediately had to run to my Blogger Symposium hosted by Sarah(Smart Bitches Blog) and JaneDear Author/Jane and dove into the various topic's of how to blog the right way, learning how to boost your post etc. We also had publishers come in and talk about how to be noticed by the various publishing houses to review books from them.

Fellow Bloggers listing in on the panel

Sara from Smart Bitches introducing two publishers to the group

 Publishers from Escape publishing
 Who doesn't like Candy and a cute rubber duckie
 Jane from Dear Author Blog

After the Symposium was over Harlequin hosted  a cocktail party for us Bloggers to mingle and network.

I didn't stay very long for the cocktail hour because I had to run downstairs to check in for a party that was hosted by Toni McGee, Heather Graham, Allison Brennan, Patricia Burroughs, CJ Lyons, David Morrell and Alexandra Sokoloff.

The Saints of Suspense Party was open for Librarians, Bloggers, Reviewers and Booksellers. The Saints of Suspense party highlighted some of the most celebrated Suspense writers.
An awesome street performer and violinist provided the entertainment for the nights festivities 

The various signing stations and of course food stations 

Me and my Girl Jaime a reviewer for RT magazine

Particka Burrough's latest release

The featured Authors speaking about their books and thank yous to all the guest

The Last event for the night was the YA Not so spooky sleepover one of the host for that event is my good friend L.H Nicole. The basis of this fun activity was to play truth or dare and let me tell you it was some funny dares going on.

All of this was just day one on Tuesday. Let's just say it was a very busy day for me and after all the festivities I was ready to pass out and get ready for the rest of the week lol. 

I really did have a good time during my week in New Orleans and will share more in more post because there is so so sooooo much more to share with you all. Check back in tomorrow for more highlights of my RT experience.

And Remember Behave yourselves and Read On!!!!