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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

RT part 2 My favorite moments..

So instead of boring you all with fifty million post about the RT convention I figured I would simply post what my favorite moments were.

Let's start off with this beauty.

Me with E.L James at the giant book fair. She also made an appearance at Abbi Gilines private party later that evening. (I was too nervous to talk to her lol)

This lovely lady right here is Author L.H Nicole and you might have noticed that I had made several post back in feb/march about her debut series/book Legendary. This was a proud moment for me and her because this was her very first signing as an Author.

Up close and personal with Sylvia day. This was just her in an intimate setting talking about her book and things that inspire her. I loved this panel because she was so cool and down to earth. 

Me ready to party. I was getting ready to head out to the Saints and Sinners party hosted by Samhain publishing

Me and my Twin Christena(not really my twin lol) getting out sexy on with this fun panel The Ruby Slipper Burlesque Review. We learned about the history of Burlesque and also learned how to dance like a Burlesque dancer. Needless to say me and my twin are looking for classes like this back home(did you know this is also good exercise too)

Deborah and Kim Harrison pimping out their hats from our fun activity Hat's and Tatt's

This was a fun panel Ghosts in the Big Easy they had plenty of books and swag to give away if you answered the question correctly. 

Me saving he baby duckies at the Intergalactic Bar and Grill

This pic right here. I love this woman to death. Author H.p. Mallory. I swear we only see each other once a year but it always seem like we have not seen each other in a day. Love her to life. If you haven't check out any of her work please do.. She is awesome

Teen Day Party.
(L.H Nicole (Left), Christena(Center) Me (Right))
On of the many spots during the Pub Crawl 

Me, Dee(far right), Cathy(pink wig) and Kylee(Yellow Sunglasses)

And last but not least the sights of New Orleans. I had such a ball down there and I swear I have more photos but don't want to make this post 10 miles long. 

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