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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday Addicts

Hope everyone's Saturday is going great and if not then I hope you are reading a good book :-).

This weekend I'm reading two novella's. It's a rock star reading weekend for me since the story lines are focused on two separate rock bands.

First up is Olivia Cunning's Sole Regret series. Currently I am on novella #5 but the book order goes

1. Try Me
2.Tempt Me
3. Take Me
4 Touch Me

Each book is based on a member of the band Sole Regret and their one night encounter with a female that catches their attention unintentionally, setting off a night of passion that leaves the guys wanting more. This is an Erotica series, so for those who do not read steamy books this might not be for you. The story lines for these novella's are really good and you don't get the feel of it being bad porn with words or emotions other then lust. What I really like about this series is that Olivia has built a solid story for all 5 male character in this book. It's not just about the guys having a good time with a groupie but meeting the right person that gives the members of the band a reason to want more then just meaningless sex.

The current Sole Regret novella I am reading is titled Tie Me
 This story is focused on the bands rhythm guitarist Kellen. Kellen is a wounded soul who vowed to never love another woman again after his beloved Sara died 5 years ago. That all changes one night when he meets pianist Dawn, who is struggling to meet a deadline to compose a song. When the two meet the attraction between the two is evident but will Kellen act on it, or keep his vow to Sara to never be with another woman.
So far i'm loving this story because I want see Kellen finally find his happiness and not continue to torture himself with the memories of his dead fiancé.

I am half way finished with this book so I will post an update under this to let you know what I though about it.

If your curious about Olivia Cunning's other books you can check her out on Goodreads  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4062698.Olivia_Cunning

Her official author webpage http://oliviacunning.com/

And her Facebook page

*Photo borrowed from Goodreads.com*

Now the next book I will be reading after Tie me is also a series and it's based on the band Black Falcon. The author of this series is Michelle A. Valentine this is also an erotica romance series based on the individual members of Black falcon. But I will get into that tomorrow when I post that as my current read.

But seriously check out Olivia Cunning she is a awesome writer.

Now since the house is quiet and the Dork and my minions have left to go to a birthday party. I'm going to stop here and go and enjoy the quiet and finish reading Tie Me.

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday Addicts

Behave yourselves and Read On!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Series Review/Forever too far review

Hey all

So... I finally finished forever too far and I wasn't impressed. But before I go over my thoughts on the book. I will give you a overview of The Too Far series by Abbi Glines.

First Book in the series is Fallen Too Far
To want what you’re not supposed to have…

She is only nineteen.

She is his new stepfather’s daughter.

She is still naïve and innocent due to spending the last three years taking care of her sick mother.

But for twenty-four year old Rush Finlay, she is the only thing that has ever been off limits. His famous father’s guilt money, his mother’s desperation to win his love, and his charm are the three reasons he has never been told no.

Blaire Wynn left her small farmhouse in Alabama, after her mother passed away, to move in with her father and his new wife in their sprawling beach house along the Florida gulf coast. She isn’t prepared for the lifestyle change and she knows she’ll never fit into this world. Then there is her sexy stepbrother who her father leaves her with for the summer while he runs off to Paris with his wife. Rush is as spoiled as he is gorgeous. He is also getting under her skin. She knows he is anything but good for her and that he’ll never be faithful to anyone. He is jaded and has secrets Blaire knows she may never uncover but even knowing all of that…

Blaire just may have fallen too far.
*Now Fallen Too Far had be hooked from the go*
The Second Book is
He had held a secret that destroyed her world.

Everything she had known was no longer true.

Blaire couldn’t stop loving him but she knew she could never forgive him.
Now, she was back home and learning to live again. Moving on with life… until something happened to send her world spinning once again.
What do you do when the one person you can never trust again is the one that you need to trust so desperately?

You lie, hide, avoid, and pray that your sins never find you out.

*It was ok but the ending I felt was rushed it really left a lot of untied ends*
And Finally...
Rush promised her forever... but promises can be broken.

Torn between his love for his family and his love for Blaire, Rush has to find a way to save one without losing the other. In the end one has to be more important. Letting go isn’t easy.

Blaire believed in her fairytale... but no one can live in a fantasy.

Her love for Rush and desire to have a family keep her believing that they can find a way for this to work. Until she has to make the right decision for her and the baby. Even if it breaks her heart.

Can they find the forever that they both want or has it all just gone... too far?
*I went on goodreads to write my review and rating Forever Too Far*
*My thoughts on Forever Too Far*
I'm not going to say that I loved this book but I didn't hate it either. The last book had me feeling left high and dry with the ending but now that we got more from rush and blair. I kinda wished that some parts of this book was added to the second book, that would have been a better ending to their story.
I think a lot of things could have been left out also.
I also had problems with too many plot twists; I got so confused it was hard to keep everything straight. Also the third book contradicted too many things from the first book, which I really liked.
I did however like the fact that she did allow Grant and Harlow to have their own chapter; that makes me actually want to read their book, if and when that is published.

But Forever Too Far, for me, still had that unfinished feel to it. Some loose strings that needed to be tied before moving on to the next scenario with Rush and Blair. I don't want to spoil this book for others but I do think that Rush should have had a scene with his mother about the issues concerning Nan and him growing up- then he should have cut ties with the both of them. But this book just didn't do it for me and could have been done better.
Sorry Ms Glines but I am disappointed with the last two books like I previously stated book 3 could have been combined with book 2, then started with book 3. I felt there was no real character growth between Rush and Blair. You have them dealing with the same issues but didn't meet the people who were causing the problems head on. I felt as though Abe(Blair's Father) could not be trusted that easily again after the many betrayal's that he committed concerning Blair. Nan was a whiny spoiled brat that should have been dealt with in book 2. I know that she probably left Nan's story line open to go with a spin off book. But concerning Rush and her constant disrespect to Blair  in the series was a bit much.
Lastly I wanted to let you guys know that to each it's own concerning reading the same book or series. Everyone has their own opinion's to what they read. Some might love this series and some like me felt *meh* about it. Don't let my review/thoughts discourage you from reading this series. It's up to you the reader to determine if it's worth you time, who knows I might be wrong and you contact me to say *Psst* you must have been crazy to not like/love this series lol. But im very open to discussion about this series please feel free to drop a comment :-).
That's all I have for today fellow addicts enjoy your weekend!!!
And as always
Behave yourselves and Read On!!!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

*Update on Forever too Far*

Hey Fellow Book Addict's

So... I'm reading the 3rd and final book in Abbi Glines too far series and i'm on the fence with this book. Right now i'm only half way through the book and there have been several times when I wanted to throw my phone across the room with how much I was frustrated with Rush. All I have to say is Nan is a royal bitch and I wanted to smack some sense into her. I had to stop reading a few times with the amount of tantrums Nan has thrown.  But I don't know I am just not feeling this book. I will finish reading it because I don't like to leave a book unfinished. I'm guessing it was the way she left the ending with Never too Far or how I felt the book was rushed (no pun intended). I loved the first book Fallen too Far that's what made me continue on with the third book. *Sigh*. But I don't think I want to count this book out yet.. Not until the end anyway. Don't get me wrong I love Abbi Glines but this series i'm seriously struggling with this one.

But anyway once i'm finished with this I will do my thoughts on the whole series for those who have not read the series yet.

But that's it for now. Time for me to grab something to eat and finish reading..

Until Then

Behave yourselves and Read On!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Karen Marie Moning News/First Contest Winner

Karen Marie Moning recently posted a note on her page answering questions concerning her Dani O'Mally series you can check that out here...http://www.facebook.com/notes/karen-marie-moning/burned-release-date-mac-barrons-and-absolutely-no-pedophiles/10151505724784142. She is aiming for a April 2014 release date for book #2 titled Burned. Here is the cover for Burned.
Looking up KMM's goodreads page she has no synopsis for this book yet. But I will keep you posted for when that will become available.
Now on to Forever too Far I haven't pick it up yet. I'm really disappointing myself for not taking a chance to read but duty calls when your a mother of a 4, 8 and 9 year old boys. Also I am getting the facebook page for MissLittleBookAddict going. So I have been a busy bee today lol. Now that the page is doing well. Which I have to thank those that helped spread the word and shared the page and this blog to others.  Thank you so much for that. You guys don't know how much this means to me.
Now leaving all the mushy stuff aside. I did run a contest on my fb page hoping to reach 50 likes. I only ended up with 29 likes last time I checked but hey a like is a like and I'm truly grateful to all that liked my fb page. But without further interruptions Congrats to B. Nakia Garner for winning a $10 gift card to her choice of a B&N or Amazon gift card..
Hold tight you all I will be running another contest soon. In the mean time while it's quiet(that might not be a good thing with the boys being upstairs lol) I'm going to go and actually read Forever too Far. I will be back later on tonight to give you an update on how far along I am in the book..
Signing off for now.. Until then
Behave yourselves and Read On!!! 

We now have a Facebook page!!!

Hey guys

I decided to create a facebook page for my blog to boost awareness of this blog.. You guys can check it out here http://www.facebook.com/Misslittlebookadict.  Also I am running a thank you contest if I reach 50 likes by 5 pm this evening. So I will keep you updated on that.

Moving on to other idea's that I have floating around in my head.

1. I hope to start more Author spotlights independent or published authors but right now I'm going to be sticking to my indy authors.

2. Running contest on here. I want to gain subscriber's to do so.

3. Posting free books or books that are low cost.

4. Want to start a reader pole for a book of the month or just a book everyone is reading at the same time.

Sometime's I will backtrack on books that I'm reading if you have already read it. I am trying to archive the books that I already read to prevent myself from ignoring the books I have accumulated a chance to get to those and read.

But feel free to drop by my FB page and drop any suggestions as to what you would like to see on this blog or on my FB page..

That's it for now..

Behave yourselves and Read ON!!!

P.S. Still have not gotten a chance to read Forever too far but will be doing so once I get my Page on FB set up..

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thought's on Entwined With You...

Hey all

So as I mentioned last night that I did complete Entwined With You on Sunday. And let me tell you I believe that EWY is the best one so far.  I really can't compare the other two book to this one because it's more of the two of them learning how to face obstacles together instead of doing it alone. Like I previously stated that there are a few characters that I wanted to Hi Five to the forehead because every time Gideon and Eva make headway someone knocks them back two steps. But never fear they are finally getting to a place where they are relying on each other and communicate instead of running away.

Now that I have that out of the way let me tell you my favorite scenes...

The club scene..

I'm not going to give anything away but I will say that I did have to stop reading it a few times because it got intense also I was riding the subway and when you have a e reader those that sit beside me tend to read whatever I'm reading lol. Let's just say one lady learned the hard way not to read over someone's shoulder.I was reading Olivia Cunnings Double Time (sinners on tour #3) at the time. I have never seen someone turn so red in my life lol.. But yeah I'm going to shelve the club scene right next to Jeanine Frost's infamous chapter 32 in her Night Huntress Series.

Next favorite scene

The Beach.. I'm not saying more if you didn't read(your just going to have to read it to find out what I'm talking about) But to those who read EWY would agree :-)

Like I said before this book is the best so far nothing was wrong with the first two books just this one gives us more depth to the characters and more emotional development with both Eva and Gideon. They are no where healed in this book but I like that they are heading in the right path towards a long and happy life together..

Now one to the little sleeper book that prevented me from going into a post Gideon coma lol..

Saltwater Kisses by Krista Lakes
 This is a story about Emma LaRue and Jack Saunders. Emma has won a all inclusive vacation to paradise from a local radio station. The person who was suppose to go backed out at the last minute so she decided to travel alone.  Jack Saunders just wanted to have a last vacation before having to take over the family company. When an emergency situation puts these two together the sparks immediately fly.
This story was so light and cute. I loved that Emma decided to be adventurous on vacation since in her non vacation life she is anything but adventurous. Jack is the prince charming to Emma's Cinderella. When they both go back to reality they both have to face the repercussions of their intimate time spent in paradise. What I loved about it was that Emma never lost who she was when she was forced to leave Iowa to move to fast paced New York City. Despite many obstacles that stood in Jack and Emma's way the did manage to always come back to one another. But that book is the perfect post Gideon Cross fix and I think you guys would really enjoy it.
*Author Spotlight*
My good Friend L.H Nicole has a book coming soon call Legendary it's a new adult fantasy Y.A
 here's the synopsis of the book.
Before the darkest hour strikes the Destined One shall come forth
Avalon’s lost daughter must thrice and alone prove her worth
Then can she fully possess the power to awaken the King
It shall become her destiny to reunite the Round Table
Unearth and reclaim their lost relics
Become the key to undoing the evil Mordrid has wrought
Only with her can the Once and Future King prevail
Hidden in the mountains of Avalon, King Arthur awaits the Destined One to call him back to life and battle evil once more. Ancient evils have returned, threatening the peace of the seven realms.
Aliana Fagan spent her childhood traveling the world with her parents, growing up on the stories of legendary heroes and mythical lands. But after the violent death of her parents, Aliana spent the next two years hiding behind her camera and in her photo-art. Yet she finds herself thrown into the one adventure she never dreamt could come true. Avalon, King Arthur, Dragons and the Knights of the Round Table.  But what’s a girl to do when everything she thought she knew about the Arthurian legends is nothing close to the truth.
Caught between her intense feelings for the noble Sir Galahad and her growing friendship to King Arthur Aliana will have to lead the knights on an epic adventure across the seven realms to reclaim all they have lost and defeat Mordrid for good.
Yet Mordrid has plans for Aliana, and her powers, that even his greatest ally, Morgana LeFay, knows nothing about.
Along with her plucky guardian dragon, Daggerhorne, Aliana will discover the meaning of friendship, bravery, loyalty, true love and forgiveness. But can she do it all in time to save the realms from Mordrid’s impending Armageddon?
Legendary is the first book in my Upper YA/ New Adult fantasy saga breathing new life and twists into the story and characters know throughout the world, creating a realm of fantasy and adventure in modern time picking up where legend leaves off. Aliana has to deal with daunting tasks: the violent death of her parents, heartbreaking family secrets, monsters and dragons, mystical creatures (good and bad), learn to wield magic, discover life altering love and betrayal and characters who are not all they appear to be
 Now I will let you know that I am a lady at L.H Nicole's round table so I got to read Legendary when she was writing it chapter by chapter and all i'm going to say is I'm still Team Galahad. You guys are in for an adventure and I can't wait till she publishes it hopefully in August. You guys will not be disappointed. Now it's time for me to pimp her web sights out lol
If you want to get in touch with L.H Nicole you can reach her here
Now Go and Show her some Love.. lol
 Me(left), L.H Nicole(Right) and Katie(Center) lol
Oh I almost forgot to mention the current book I'm reading
It's Forever too far by Abbi Glines
I just started reading this yesterday when I got in from work but my brain was fried from working late sunday night and returning to work yesterday morning that I couldn't give it my full attention. so im going to try again and start from the beginning again. I will post updates as soon as I can..

Signing off for now...

Behave yourselves and Read On!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Touching base

Hello fellow addicts

Just wanted to touch base with you all since I haven't posted anything on here since Friday. My weekend was busy, busy, busy but I'm glad my work week is over.. You all will receive my take on Entwined With You tomorrow. Also I will talk about a sleeper book that kept me from going into a book hangover coma from EWY.

I will also be spotlighting my friend Author L.H. Nicole. I will be talking about her book Legendary or should I say pimping her webpage, goodreads, and facebook lol.

I'm going to sign off now because I am exhausted and my bed is calling me.

Will chat with you all tomorrow.

Behave yourselves and Read On!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Busy busy work life

So... I have been a busy busy little bee at work yesterday but I just wanted to update you on Entwined With you. I now have reached page 100 and mmmm yeah there were times I had to take a pause due to the hot hot hot scenes between Gideon and Eva but foggy glasses aside their love is strong as ever aside from a couple of people I wanted to reach through my nook and smack them for causing unnecessary drama lol. But I'm loving the plot and story so far. but I should be finished with EWY tonight so I can give you all my full review. 

But in unrelated book news...

I recieved a letter from Samsung yesterday explaining that I won a $10 google play gift card *woot* so I will be activating that sometime when I get home. Hopefully I will not burn through it using it to get extra moves for candy crush saga lmao!! Seriously that game is frustratingly addictive.. But let me sign off work and duty calls.

Look out for updates throughout the course of the day when I can..

As always...

Behave yourselves and Read On!!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Breath Just Breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 J.R Ward just posted the cover reveal for Wraths Book Titled The King. Release Date is March, 2014

Insert Snoopy Dance Here
 Seriously I can not wait that long!!! But I guess I have to *pouty face* but without further rambling from me I present the cover to THE KING...
 now I have something to obsess over until The Warden starts to post her Teaser quotes until then..*looking Longley at the cover*
Oh on a totally unrelated book events (que the kids calling my name again as I type lol) I had my first Mortgage counseling session and that went great. My counselor is awesome. She is projecting me and the dork to become homeowners by January :-). But *Gasp* she did call me out on my spending habits consisting of My book addiction and my ebay addiction. She put me on a budget so instead of it being sky's the limit on books I'm now stuck with a $25.00 a month budget for books (lawd help me) Let's see how that one goes. As far as ebay is concerned that I can do but the books I mean come-on that's my life my addiction but like I said earlier I have about over 690 books in my nook hd that I need to read and that's not even counting the books I have on my kindle app. So I guess I will be scouting out free books when I reach my spending limit for the month.  *Sigh* it's for the greater good I will be getting a house in return with my self control *starts to sob*  Anyway I only gotten a few pages in for Entwined With You since this morning and nothing to report at the moment. I will get back to you later on tonight or sometime tomorrow.
*Update* Jamie McGuire Recently updated her goodreads account and added an yet to be titled book the  Maddox Brothers #1 the release date is set to sometime in the next year.  Still no progress on EWY due to the demands of my minions and now the Dork just got home and wants to talk so gotta go will blog between business at work tomorrow from my phone!!! 
Behave yourselves Kiddies and Read On!! 

Intro post Getting to know you and Gideon Cross!!!!

June 19th, 2013

So.... here I am and I finally made the decision to create a blog. Sometimes I wonder what in the hell was I thinking to create a blog(insert me yelling at my kids now here)you will get that every now and then so don't be alarmed lol. Now where were we... Oh yes what made me create a blog. Well for one this is therapeutic and two I get to express how good or bad a book I am reading at that particular moment is. What I hope to do for you all is blog about me reading books and posting about it throughout the book. Kinda like chapter by chapter playback except it won't be if that makes any sense(it did in my head anyway lol). Sorry folks if the books I discuss is a book you already read. I am still trying to catch up to the 692(wow I've been a busy little bee) nook ebooks that I have. Also not to mention I still haven't unpacked my suitcase and overnight bag that is full of books from My first trip to The Romantic Times convention in May.(the husband was not happy when he had to load those two items in the van when he picked me up from the airport when I came back lol)

And now for our getting to know you section of the blog.

Hi My name is Rita and I'm a 32 year old wife and mother of 4(1 girl(step-daughter) and 3 boys) so in addition to my little troupe I am also a Lead line cook in a restaurant for a Major Hotel Chain. My Loving Husband a.k.a my dork I will be referring him to that from here on out lol is a Handyman by day a gun range addict by evening lol. But you will get a little sneak peak into my personal life peppered in here and there. Oh and if you would like for me to talk about cooking please feel free to let me know or shoot me a question and I can try to help. Oh I forgot to mention what gene's of books I read hmmm... I love paranormal books( I get that from my daddy he's a huge Stephen king fan) I also love romance,paranormal contemporary, some historical etc., Erotica and young adult. My favorite Authors are Jeanine Frost, H.p Mallory, Molly Harper, Karen Marie Moning, J.R Ward, Chloe Neal, Sylvia Day, Olivia Cunnings and the list goes on and on lol.

Now that we have introductions out of the way let me get into what I am currently reading.

Drum roll please..........

Entwined With You By Sylvia Day

So I just started reading this like the day before yesterday and holy hell right off the bat (well not right off the bat but you can get my drift) you have that explosive chemistry between the two main characters Gideon and Eva but with the good comes the bad they are still dealing with issues/situations from Reflected in you. I'm pretty sure that everyone have read the whole Crossfire Series and if not SHAME ON YOU!!!! lol joking seriously pick that book up you will be hooked. It is far far far better then Fifty Shades of Gray. Actually Bared To You was the first post Christian Grey book I read based on B&N recommendations. But anyway if you haven't checked out any of Sylvia Day's work please do so it's totally worth it. I'm not going to discuss too much of the book today because like I said I just started reading it. But I will give you updates through out of me reading Entwined With You.

Now that we have that out of the way. I now feel competent enough not to bore you to death lol. I appreciate any feed back as to how this blog can work for me and  for you :-)