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Monday, June 30, 2014

Netgalley Review Fangirl_15 by Aimee Roseland

Happy Monday Addict's

Three more day's Addict's til your holiday weekend begins. Luckily the Chef Gods gave me a 3 day weekend and I have one more day to work. I hope you all had a very enjoyable weekend. If you all noticed(or not) I have cut down on doing blog tours. I decided to get back to what I do best read for enjoyment. Doing the blog tours was fun in the beginning but as I started to do more and more blog tours it just felt like a chore more than fun. So I will be doing blog tours but i'm cutting it down to maybe 2 or three a month. I will do a blog tour promo post(it's easier for me and you guys get to read special excerpts). So it's a win win for me and you all.

Now about how I scored Fangirl_15

So this book by cover and title alone intrigued me. So I said to myself what the heck I need to start utilizing my Netgalley account more if I want to really start reviewing/talking about upcoming books and get my cred up due to the reviews I send in. Anyway's the synopsis drew me in and I sent a request to read the book. About an hour later I receive a response letting me know that I have been approved(because I sure as heck thought I was going to be denied lol). But anyways i'm not going to keep rambling lol so here is the book with my review. Hope you all enjoy and as alway's

My reviews are used as a guide just because I like or dislike a book does not mean you should or shouldn't give it a chance! If you liked something that I didn't like then send me a message. I'm always up for a chat :-) and if it's something I loved but you hated still message me to let me know i'm a dork but you must prove that i'm a dork and why lol. It's all love here just wanted you guys to know that and to be fair to all of the hard working authors out there.

Now on to my review!


Publish Date
July 8th 2014

Aimee Roseland

Chloe is in love with Lucien.
He’s enigmatic, compassionate, generous and intelligent. Likes classical music just as much as kicking ass and knows his way around a kitchen, though he’d never admit it. His Samurai swords are an extension of his personality and a lifetime of heartache has taught him to wield them unfailingly. He’s gorgeous yet humble and can’t see past his own scars. Lucien feels deeply for his chosen family and is absolutely worthy of love.
Sounds perfect, right?
The only problem is that Lucien is a character in a novel.
The Dark Riders is one of the bestselling paranormal romance series of all time, and it was destined to have eight installments, one for each of the brothers-in-arms. Lucien’s story was supposed to be book eight, where he’d finally find true love and live happily ever after. Except the writer died before his story was published. Worse yet, book seven was finished by some poser that thought killing off one of the main characters would bring a more modern twist to the finale.
Chloe is absolutely devastated by the news that one of her “friends” is dead and that the series is canceled. She has a quasi-nervous-breakdown at work and ends up falling asleep in the lounge. Her midnight escape from the locked office lands her in a deserted parking lot after hours where an unseen force has been waiting. Just. For. Her...
The devastating attack strands her in an alternate reality where the Dark Riders are real and the horrible ending created by the publisher hasn’t happened yet.
Chloe decides that she’s been brought there to fix all of the storylines, and tries her best to convince the monsters around her that she’s there to help. She ends up mangling their plots more often than not and now must race the waxing moon to find a way home before Lucien accidentally falls in love with her instead of his destined mate. The Fates are working against her as Chaos interferes and the truth about what really dragged her over threatens to destroy everything that Chloe holds dear.

My Review
out of 

I'm really digging the story line. Aimee has taken a book addict's fantasy and turned it into reality for her character in Fangirl. We meet Chloe who is a bit of a hermit. She feels like she doesn't belong and she really does not have any friends(except for coworkers who are her friends on facebook). She is a diehard fan of the Dark Riders series. When the author dies in a freak accident the publisher decided to hire a new author the finish the series. Chloe feels that the book 7 ended the wrong way that  the new author totally missed what the original author was doing. One of the main characters was up next to get his happy ending.

Little did Chloe know she was just about to do that and enter a world that she thought did not exist.

This story line for me was original and refreshing. I have read a book that was not similar but had the same premises. Girl has a favorite book girl get's to live in the books world. But that one was a YA book so that doesn't count lol  It did give me that Black Dagger Brotherhood vibe but I will take that as a nod to JR Ward.  There were some laugh out loud moments in the book my favorite quote or scene was when Chloe is first escorted to her room and she see the bed and say's "He want's a lady in the street but a freak in the bed" lol. One line from one of my favorite Usher song's. 

Aimee also showed us a side where when you enter another world. Your not going to be welcomed with open arms. I really liked that the Dark Riders didn't trust Chloe in the beginning. It made it feel real and not let's all welcome the newbie. It took time for the guys and their mates to trust her.  One thing that really frustrated me was the fact that Chloe with good intentions to help Lucien find his mate did not realize that maybe she is his mate. If that was obvious then the book would have ended when she first got to the alternate New York lol. But that's just me being impatient lol.

I did like that Aimee also shared why Chloe felt out of place in the real world and how vulnerable she really is. By Chloe being vulnerable did not make her a pushover at all. She did not hide nor did she run away(even though she did want to a few time). She stood her ground, by doing that she started to gain the trust that she wanted by the Dark Riders. 

One thing I did not see was the ending. Wow what a plot twist. It answered a whole bunch of questions I had when I was reading the book. I had a couple of Ahhh moments :-)

I was finished in no time with the book and i'm really curious about the other Dark Riders back stories. I know she touched base on them through Chloe but I would love to read more about them.

But excellent story. I didn't want the book to end which in turn had me scratching my head as to what to read next lol. 

To Learn more about Author Aimee Roseland you can click on the links below.

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That's it for today addict's. Enjoy your Monday and alway's Behave Yourselves and Read On!!!!

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