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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Down London Road progress

Afternoon Addicts!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Me I'm at work (as you can tell its a slow day for now lol). So I decided to use this downtime and blog from my phone #teamsg3 lol.

Anyways I just wanted to update you guys on my progress with Down London Road by Samantha Young.

Currently I am on chapter 7 so far I'm struggling (I think I'm having a slight case of book hangover from On Dublin street) but so far its ok. The main character Jo is not what she seems when she was introduced in On dublin street. Her character is a very self reliant person but everyone except for her friends, see her as a gold digger(she dates only rich men). But there is a reason for her dating as Joss calls them *sugar daddies* I'm not going to spoil it for you guys but you get the picture.

I really do like the development of this story line so far. Jo's mother is a bit of a bitch and her current boyfriend's ex's boyfriend can be a bit of a judgemental ass. Cam (the judgemental ass) is now her coworker at the club but there is some serious attraction going on between the two.

I will be reading more on my commute home and during my downtime at home.

I'm signing off now too many bosses walking around lol.

Behave yourselves and Read On!!!!!

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