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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Breath Just Breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 J.R Ward just posted the cover reveal for Wraths Book Titled The King. Release Date is March, 2014

Insert Snoopy Dance Here
 Seriously I can not wait that long!!! But I guess I have to *pouty face* but without further rambling from me I present the cover to THE KING...
 now I have something to obsess over until The Warden starts to post her Teaser quotes until then..*looking Longley at the cover*
Oh on a totally unrelated book events (que the kids calling my name again as I type lol) I had my first Mortgage counseling session and that went great. My counselor is awesome. She is projecting me and the dork to become homeowners by January :-). But *Gasp* she did call me out on my spending habits consisting of My book addiction and my ebay addiction. She put me on a budget so instead of it being sky's the limit on books I'm now stuck with a $25.00 a month budget for books (lawd help me) Let's see how that one goes. As far as ebay is concerned that I can do but the books I mean come-on that's my life my addiction but like I said earlier I have about over 690 books in my nook hd that I need to read and that's not even counting the books I have on my kindle app. So I guess I will be scouting out free books when I reach my spending limit for the month.  *Sigh* it's for the greater good I will be getting a house in return with my self control *starts to sob*  Anyway I only gotten a few pages in for Entwined With You since this morning and nothing to report at the moment. I will get back to you later on tonight or sometime tomorrow.
*Update* Jamie McGuire Recently updated her goodreads account and added an yet to be titled book the  Maddox Brothers #1 the release date is set to sometime in the next year.  Still no progress on EWY due to the demands of my minions and now the Dork just got home and wants to talk so gotta go will blog between business at work tomorrow from my phone!!! 
Behave yourselves Kiddies and Read On!! 

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