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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday Addicts

Hope everyone's Saturday is going great and if not then I hope you are reading a good book :-).

This weekend I'm reading two novella's. It's a rock star reading weekend for me since the story lines are focused on two separate rock bands.

First up is Olivia Cunning's Sole Regret series. Currently I am on novella #5 but the book order goes

1. Try Me
2.Tempt Me
3. Take Me
4 Touch Me

Each book is based on a member of the band Sole Regret and their one night encounter with a female that catches their attention unintentionally, setting off a night of passion that leaves the guys wanting more. This is an Erotica series, so for those who do not read steamy books this might not be for you. The story lines for these novella's are really good and you don't get the feel of it being bad porn with words or emotions other then lust. What I really like about this series is that Olivia has built a solid story for all 5 male character in this book. It's not just about the guys having a good time with a groupie but meeting the right person that gives the members of the band a reason to want more then just meaningless sex.

The current Sole Regret novella I am reading is titled Tie Me
 This story is focused on the bands rhythm guitarist Kellen. Kellen is a wounded soul who vowed to never love another woman again after his beloved Sara died 5 years ago. That all changes one night when he meets pianist Dawn, who is struggling to meet a deadline to compose a song. When the two meet the attraction between the two is evident but will Kellen act on it, or keep his vow to Sara to never be with another woman.
So far i'm loving this story because I want see Kellen finally find his happiness and not continue to torture himself with the memories of his dead fiancé.

I am half way finished with this book so I will post an update under this to let you know what I though about it.

If your curious about Olivia Cunning's other books you can check her out on Goodreads  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4062698.Olivia_Cunning

Her official author webpage http://oliviacunning.com/

And her Facebook page

*Photo borrowed from Goodreads.com*

Now the next book I will be reading after Tie me is also a series and it's based on the band Black Falcon. The author of this series is Michelle A. Valentine this is also an erotica romance series based on the individual members of Black falcon. But I will get into that tomorrow when I post that as my current read.

But seriously check out Olivia Cunning she is a awesome writer.

Now since the house is quiet and the Dork and my minions have left to go to a birthday party. I'm going to stop here and go and enjoy the quiet and finish reading Tie Me.

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday Addicts

Behave yourselves and Read On!!!

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